Friday, March 13, 2009

HSG day!

I had my HSG this morning. It went great! Both tubes were open and it was painless. I only had to wait about 10 minutes for my doctor which was great....and since I work in the radiology department, the radiologist (the one who took the pictures) was really sweet. He was patting my shoulder and asking how I was. Anyways, I only felt a little pressure when he clamped my cervix and just a tiny bit of cramping when he injected the contrast. It wasn't bad at all!! My doc told me to use this cycle to my adavantage. I'm hoping the x-ray dye blasted my tubes WIDE open! Ben and I have talked about our next step if this cycle is a bust....and we have decided to take a break. Since we are completely out of pocket for infertility, we need to get our credit card payed off before we add more debt. I'm ok with our decision, but it makes me sad cause I know I'm not getting any younger.

Weight loss as of Tuesday: 18.8 lbs!

The thing that has sucked this week is that my home computer has a virus! And since I work at a hospital with public computers, I can't get online very often.

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Andrea and Jim said...

GL next cycle! Glad everything went well for you at the docs!