Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008-Ultrasound-follicle study

Today is cycle day 14 for me and I went in today for a follicle study ultrasound. The doctor measured my uterine lining and said it was great! (10.5 thick) Then he looked at my ovaries and said I had a nice big follicle on my right ovary (19 mm)! He said follicles grow about 1mm each day and that I should ovulate in the next 6 days or so. I am so excited to finally have some good news....at least I know my body is starting to respond to treatment. My birthday is in 4 days and getting pregnant would be a wonderful birthday present! So for now, I'm just saying a lot of prayers and bd'ing a lot :-)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our journey...as of August 10, 2008

I am new to this whole blogging thing...but thought I'd give it a try.

I married DH, Ben, on May 18, 2007. We have been together since 2004. I went off birth control pills in August 2006. I hoped that we would get pregnant without help. In September 2007, I went to the doctor, finally, and found out I had PCOS. She put me on metformin and hoped I would get AF on my own....which I didn't. In December 2007, I went to a different doctor who prescribed provera to induce AF. It had been a year and half since last AF, so it was the mother of all AF's! Then I started my first round of clomid-50 mg. I was so excited to finally be doing something for my IF. It broke my heart when I got a BFN and on top of that, I didn't get AF. So it was back to the doctor for another prescription of provera and clomid-100 mg. Again, was very optimistic! I even started temping and monitoring cervical mucus. Was devestated again when I got another BFN and no AF either. So I was onto my 3rd round of provera and clomid-150 mg. I decided that I wasn't going to temp because it was making me crazy and obsessive! I would temp all day long...crazy I know! On cd14 I had an u/s to check follies only to find out that I didn't really have a dominant one. There was one that was 1.5 cm (but it has to be 2 to 2.5 cm to release). My doctor said that it may or may not mature and release. On cd 35, I actually started AF on my own...maybe my body is starting to respond! So this last cycle I took femara-5 mg and am currently on cd 12. I have been temping again this cycle because my doctor wants to see my temp chart. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday, August 12 to check follies...I am trying to be optimistic but don't want to be heart broken again. And on top of it all, my insurance pays for zero infertility issues!

This journey so far has shown me what a strong woman I am. It has tested my patience and my faith...but in the end has made me a better and more spiritual person. I believe that pregnancy will happen for me, I just hope it's sooner than later!